Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Church Office Volunteers Update

As approved at the congregation meeting, the church and school secretary position is now being staffed by volunteers.  Sheila Lillo and Joy Bromaghin have been staffing the office over the summer and will continue to do so throughout the year.

Office hours till school starts on August 20 are:  Monday/Tuesday/Friday, from 9am-12p.
Office hours during the school year will be Monday through Friday, from 8am to 3:45pm.

The transition is moving along smoothly thanks to these sisters in Christ who are generously donating their time, energy and expertise to serve the congregation!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wish lists to benefit Jesus' "little lambs"

Both the Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms have posted wish lists on the "Opportunities to Serve" bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.  School starts next Wednesday August 20.  If you'd like to help out either of these classrooms for this school year, please consider donating some of the items on their wish lists.  Thank you for your support of Faith Lutheran Preschool and School!

• 4 rolls of 1 inch wide masking tape
• Playdoh
• Clay
• small tubes of decorator or gel icing, any color (not gel food coloring)
Books requested below need to be regular sized to match the larger versions that are used for class reading:
"Where's the Fly?" by Caron Lee Cohen
"Honk! Honk! A Migration Story" by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom
"Mouse Mess" by Linnea Riley
"No, No Titus" by Claire Masurel
"Looking for Crabs" by Bruce Whatley
"Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon" by Dan Yaccarino
"Mary Wore Her Red Dress" Illustrated by Michael Morris
"Five Little Ducks" Illustrated by Pamela Paparone
"Flower Garden" by Eve Bunting
"Machines at Work" by Byron Barton

• Alphabet things (puzzles, manipulatives, magnet letters, alphabet bean bags, etc)
• Pencils and erasers
• old, broken cell phones
• More doctor kit tools
• Baby dolls
• Play food (not the cheap plastic; we have lots of fruit and veggies, so maybe more variety in other kinds of food)
• Play barn and farm animals
• Grid blocks (large or small); we sometimes called these waffle blocks when I was a kid
• More wedgits
• Any kind of stacking, linking, building, connecting, magnet manipulatives
• Marble run building set (plastic tubes that link together to make “tracks” for marbles)
• Plastic tweezers, metal tweezers, or small tongs for picking up small manipulatives
• Eye droppers
• Number puzzles, magnet numbers, number peg boards
• Dice (foam or plastic, large or small, letters and numbers dice)
• More geoboards
• rhythm instruments (don't need any egg shakers, but would like more jingle bells, rhythm sticks, tambourines, drums, cymbals, triangles etc)
• ribbon wands
• smaller child sized hoola hoops
• Anything for outside playground (little scooters or trikes, chalk, bubbles, bean bag toss games, pop up tunnels; nothing Step Up or Little Tykes that is a climbing structure; sea saws and other plastic toys OK)
• pattern blocks and shapes (no melissa and doug tangram set – we have 2 of those already)
• locks and switches boards (we could make these..?)
• puzzles – any kind; religious, trucks, careers, seasons, animals, transportation, nursery rhymes etc
• watercolor paints
• spray bottles
• washable paints (not urgent since we can borrow from elementary art closet)
• dot art paint bottles/markers
• food coloring
• sponges
• plastic paint cups with lids (we have about 5 or so already)
• ink pads and stamps
• abc and 123 playdough tools – cookie cutter type things, rolling pins, playdough extruders
• child sized scissors (just a few – 5 or 6 maybe)
• clothespins
• spot markers for movement activities (usually rubber and a variety of colors; 15-20)

The other big things for the preschool are monetary donations to install more fencing to expand our preschool playground fenced area. (Not sure what that cost is, but perhaps a little fund could be started).  Also, Costco gift cards to buy food for our "supply" -- we supplement food if parents don't pack one of the USDA required categories.

Thank you for your support of Faith Lutheran Preschool and School!