Thursday, June 26, 2014

Need some exercise?

Need a  bit of light exercise for your body and your faith?  This Sunday (June 29), join Deanna Schneck and others in putting out door hangers in our church neighborhood.  It's one way we'll be letting parents know about our Vacation Bible School, which will be held the week of July 21-25. 

The plan is to do it right after church on Sunday morning.  Contact Deanna at 929-3450 with any questions.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lutheran Churches Struggling in Ukraine

June 20, 2014

Dear Christian friend,

Ukraine is undergoing extremely difficult times. Russia has annexed the Crimean peninsula.  Two out of twenty-two Ukrainian Lutheran Church (ULC) congregations are in the occupied territories and a third is threatened.  One of the pastors and his family had to leave Crimea for continental Ukraine.  As a result, the preaching of the gospel in Ukraine is endangered.

This situation has caused serious economic problems.  The Ukrainian national currency, the hryvnia, has fallen by almost 50 percent.  Prices have gone up while salaries in many cases remain stagnant.  Therefore, ULC congregations are struggling to become self-supporting. We are developing a ULC self-support program, but we need time and membership growth to implement it.

As we begin a closer relationship with WELS, we thank you for your fellowship and ask for your assistance.  Whatever is lovingly and generously provided will be used to further share the gospel of Jesus Christ in Ukraine.

Please pray for Ukraine and for the Ukrainian Lutheran Church and consider helping us with your financial support.  We pray that the Lord uses our brothers and sister in WELS to help answer our prayers!

Rev. Dr. Vyacheslav Horpynchuk
Bishop, Ukrainian Lutheran Church

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camp Luther Bible Camp July 7-11

"Exodus Expedition"

5 days of learning and fun for campers who've completed the 3rd through 8th grades


You'll find everything you need at:

     • register on-line or use the printable registration form
     • fees and payment information
     • parent and camper information letters
     • application forms for volunteers:
               Junior Staff (9th to 11th grade)
               Counselors (12th to college)
     • other volunteer positions: lifeguard, nurse, kitchen help, etc.



Camp Luther Alaska  (907)-357-4424 or
Fred & Stacey Koenig (907)-333-5949 or

Saturday, June 7, 2014

No more detour!

We drove by the church last evening and saw that 53rd has been paved and is no longer blocked off.  Free sailing to church tomorrow morning.  See you then or on Monday evening!