Friday, March 28, 2014

Better Ears, Better Feedback!

A New Sunday Morning Bible Study

 We're coming to the end of Paul's joy-filled letter to the Philippians.   We'll wrap that up on Sunday, April 6.  On Palm Sunday, April 13, Pastor O. will begin a five-Sunday study and discussion called, "He who has ears, let him hear!" (Matthew 11:15).

This study was written by Professor Richard Gurgel, who teaches "Homiletics" (preaching) classes to our future pastors at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.  According to the author, this is "a Bible study designed to help hearers define faithful preaching so they can listen with more informed ears and provide more informed feedback."

"More informed ears" would mean that you, the listeners, would benefit more from every sermon. "More informed feedback" would mean that you will be able to provide useful feedback to your preacher, so that he can grow as a preacher and get better at it...for the benefit of all who hear!


Family Night Fun --- Friday, April 11 --- 6:00-8:00 PM

Join us for a couple of hours of family fun for everybody (even if it's just your church family).  Just bring your already-boiled eggs and any dye or crafty-type materials you might use to decorate them.  (There will be several dozen eggs on hand for those who don't bring any, as well as dyes and craft items.)

After we're done decorating, everyone (adults and kids alike) will get a scoring card and be able to pick their favorites in a variety of categories.  The categories will be announced either in advance or on the night of the event. 

Please contact Mary Klebs or Cindy Zarnstorff for any more information you might need.

We thank the PTF for sponsoring this event!  PTF is the Parents, Teachers and Friends of Faith Lutheran School.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two Movies and a Meal -- What a Deal!

Take your pick or participate in both!

* * * "Noah"  --- Movie and Discussion --- Saturday, April 5 * * *
The Women’s Bible Study Group will host a fellowship event centering on the movie "Noah."  Meet up at Century 16 theaters at 4:00pm if you’d like to see the movie as a group (purchase your tickets early for the 4:20pm show, in case it’s sold out).  

Bring a friend and a potluck dish to share afterward at church.  We'll eat about 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Beverages & desserts will be provided.  A discussion led by Pastor Ewings will start about 7pm.  Call Beth Meyer at 947-9861 with any questions.             


* * * "Come Follow Me" Small Group Bible Studies --- Sunday Evening, April 6 * * *
Would you like to get together with a few other folks and talk about Jesus?  The plan is to watch a short segment of  "Come Follow Me" and then talk about it.  Volunteer hosts will lead each group in a short study/discussion at their homes.   This first get-together will be on Sunday evening, April 6, but each group can then plan when they'll next meet the next time.   

Please see the sign-up list and further information posted on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.  Talk to Mr. Schneck if you need more details.  If you'd like to watch the movie in advance, pick up your copy of the DVD at church.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Donate some air miles?

This summer, the Alaska Circuit will again be blessed to have some eager young volunteers among us.  They are students at Martin Luther College, in training for the preaching and teaching ministries in our synod.  In the Summer Ministry Assistant program, they'll serve our congregations and get some valuable experience by assisting with Vacation Bible Schools, Camp Luther and outreach activities.

Part of the Alaska churches' responsibilities is getting them here.  In order to save some dollars doing that, we're hoping that some of our members will be able and willing to donate air miles (or companion tickets?) that could be used as part of the transportation package.

We need to fly 2 of our team members from Milwaukee, 1 from Charlotte, NC and 1 from Detroit or Grand Rapids, MI.  Alaska Air Miles or other carriers would work.  A companion fare for Alaska could be used for the team from Milwaukee, but we’d have to get them a ride down to Chicago O’Hare to take advantage of it.  As of now there are a few seats open on a flight that would work for them and they are much cheaper that way than even the cheapest out of Milwaukee (on Expedia.

If you have a ton of miles, or just have miles that you don't intend to use, please notify Pastor Oldfield or, more directly, Pastor Hackmann (414-232-1441), as soon as you can. 

We will also need to house the students while they are in Anchorage serving Faith.