Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just a reminder for tomorrow, Sunday, Dec. 29

• Worship at 10:00 AM

• No Sunday School or Bible Class

And, don't forget the New Year's Eve service on Tuesday at 7:00 PM!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Faith Winter Clothing Drive

Do you have winter clothes you don’t need? We can use your donations! Do you or your family need something? Perhaps we can help! Do you have any good condition kids’ or adults’ winter gear that you no longer need or that your family has outgrown, or do you or a family member need winter gear?
In the fellowship hall from now until December 23rd there will be a Winter Clothing Exchange table where you can either donate winter coats, snow pants, snow suits, boots or other winter gear that you no longer need, or if you or your child needs a new coat or other item, you can trade up to a new size or get something you need for free. Nothing to trade? Help yourself to anything you need. If you know a family that needs winter gear, invite them to come and take a look.
Please use the basket for hats, gloves, scarves and mittens.

This is a great opportunity for our school and church families to help each other out, as well as assisting others in our community who have need.

Please leave any donations on the designated table in Faith’s fellowship hall. The table will be available until December 23rd, when any leftover items will be donated to children’s and families’ charities in Anchorage. THANKS FOR BEING WILLING TO SHARE YOUR BLESSINGS WITH OTHERS!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

To Help You Prepare for Sunday Worship

It's a simple fact that the more effort we put into worship, the more we get out of it.

One way to get more out of our Sunday worship time is to spend some time preparing for it before we head to church.  That often and easily gets overlooked in the rush of daily life, but here's something new to help you.

On our church home page at, in the lower left corner, you'll see a box called "Anticipating Worship."  Click on "view more" and you'll see the basic information about what's coming up that Sunday.

I pray that this will be useful and a real blessing to many!

Pastor O.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Special Advent Devotions Now Available

Psalm 1 tells us that the person who meditates on God's Word "day and night" will be "blessed." Such a person produces "fruit," that is fruits of faith. Such a person does not "wither."  In other words, they endure when life gets hard, because they have that emotional and spiritual strength that the Holy Spirit grants through regular contact with the means of grace.

We have some special Advent devotions to help strengthen you and your family during these hectic days before Christmas. If you normally have daily family devotions, like at suppertime or bedtime, you can smoothly put these into your routine.  If you aren't in the habit, this would be a nice way to start--simple, easy and no pressure, just try it three times each week!

There's one devotion on each of the Scripture lessons that we heard on the First Sunday in Advent. Each also includes a question to use with very young children, one for slightly older children and one for older children and teens. 
Each week we will add more for the coming week.

God bless your time in his Word as you prepare for Christmas! Be sure to share these with your friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors as well.

You can find these devotions at

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Welcoming Church

You can help us serve all who come to worship with us; all it takes is a smile and a handshake!
Now that the turkey feast is over, it is time to start looking towards the Christmas season.  The Outreach Committee is hard at work preparing for the season and Pastor O. has begun the bible study on witnessing and sharing faith with others. 

One first step in preparing for the season is to ensure that we have church greeters committed throughout the month of December.  By now many members have been a "Greeter" in the past and likely see the many benefits and blessings that can come through it.  For all those who have not been a greeter before, please consider the opportunities that are coming up to be a the first to share your joy with fellow friends and guests that come through the door!

If you are interested in greeting for any of the services in December, please contact Matt Klebs at