Saturday, March 21, 2015

A personal "thank you" and update from Pastor Oldfield

Dear brothers and sisters, my friends in Jesus both near and far,

Today seemed like a very good time for me to at least express my thanks to you all, as well as update you all personally. The latter is where I'll start. I've been thinking of doing that for a while but have actually been fairly busy every day and often tired. Was finally able to sleep much better last night, so it is indeed a great day as given by our loving God!

As for the nitty gritty kinds of things, yesterday morning I had the 17th blast to my brain cells, with about 15 left -- blasts, not cells. Not sure everyone cares to know these details, but I think some do. If not, you can skim over all this. 

Every day it's exactly the same time length. I have the protective head cage put on and holding me in place. Then I'm run into the radiation machine for two minutes and out again; it's a test to make sure everything is working right. Then I go back in for just over three minutes and the around-my-head invisible blast. I keep using that word because right now I can't come up with a more scientific one. That's it and I'm back out and done for the day. The whole thing might take 15-20 minutes. Just one more note: the radiation does seem to be getting closer to my left eye the past two days, which could cause problems with my vision.

I'm on lots of meds every day, naturally, including a pill for the chemo pill so I don't have to go anyplace for that part of the treatment. One physical result of all this is something I'm happy about; I have no trouble needing to spend sick-time in bed, so my days are left free for me to accomplish things I want to do. One of those is getting some exercise to help keep my weight from increasing too much. I've been able to walk more and more outside, especially on these wonderful sunny days. Plus, this next week I will start some physical rehabilitation, which is very needed and will be so good for me, I'm sure.

Then, of course, there's also dealing with the way this glioblastoma is affecting my thinking. There are specific ways it separated my use of words and people's names from my natural speaking. I'm being taught how to improve on that or get around it in other ways in the brain.  I meet in two hour long classes each week with a speech-language pathologist. 

Obviously this all could mean huge changes for Colleen and me, as well as the congregation I've been serving for 23 years. We are exploring options that are available.  As things become clear we will be able to share more.

Which brings me finally to the part that means the most. There are so many thank you's I want to say to so many brothers, sisters, friends in Christ. I'm not able to personally communicate with one and all for the emails and the cards I've received through the mail. I would just say "thank you" from my heart to one and all. Hearing the notes and prayers from you has brought such joy to me!  Thank you.

And that is enough for now, I think. God bless and keep you all, in and through your Savior.

Pastor O.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Update on Pastor Oldfield

Dear All,

I had planned to send an update last weekend, but obviously it did not happen.

Jim has begun the radiation/chemo treatments as of February 26.  Chemo is simply a pill that is taken once daily.  Radiation is done 5 days a week at the Providence Cancer Center.  That takes perhaps a total of 15 minutes.  The therapist has him lay on the table and secures a mask over his head to prevent any movement.  She sends him into the machine to take a picture which is compared to the post surgery MRI for accuracy in aiming the radiation.  Doc checks the match up and then he is sent back into the machine for just over 3 minutes.  No pain.  We check in with the doctors once a week or more if needed.  I go with him for the doctor visits.  Wonderful friends are transporting the other four times so I can continue working.

He has had several sessions with a speech-language pathologist.  Because of the location of the tumor, word processing and association are areas that she is working with him to reestablish the pathways/connections that have been disrupted by the surgery.  The tumor and surgery have affected his connection with thinking, words and speaking; she’ll be working on regaining at least some of that.

He had a setback this week when he became violently sick all Tuesday night.  This dehydrated him and affected his vision, word processing and reading ability.  He has recovered somewhat but is not back to where he previously was.  (He says that he’s set back a couple of weeks.)

One very positive note is that he was able to complete the final three instruction classes with a couple at Faith.  Having the lessons on Power Point worked out well!  Jeremy will be confirmed (and Tina reaffirmation of faith) tomorrow, the 8th.  Lord willing, Jim will conduct the confirmation itself.  What a gift and joy for him to finish this up!

Thank youfor your continued prayers.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Daylight Saving, March 8th

It is that time of year again.  "Spring" your clocks forward one hour when you go to bed this Saturday.  Daylight Saving begins at 2am on Sunday March 8th.

We look foward to seeing you at Bible Class and Sunday School at 9:15am and for the worship service at 10:30.