Monday, August 26, 2013

A Message from the Culinary Coordinator

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped with meals for the work nights!  It has been a huge blessing to the volunteer workers to be able to have a refueling meal!  We have two gracious volunteers to bring meals for this week's work nights and already a volunteer to provide a meal next Tuesday, 9/3/13.  Many thanks!! 

We will have to work around the mudding/taping/texturing schedule over the next two weeks, so there may be a few nights when we work offsite to cut, paint, and assemble cubbies instead of working in the preschool room.  I will update all volunteers bringing meals as to location and any other logistics that may be required.  Again, thanks to all for your service!   Mary Klebs

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thanks to Many . . . and an Invitation to Others!

From Pastor O.

I wish there were some way we could have kept track of how many people-hours have been invested in this project already; it would be a stunning total, for sure!  I am so impressed by all the folks who have given their time, their energy, their brains and ideas and talents and muscle-power to make this new ministry become a reality.  Quite a few have been burning the candle at both ends in selfless service to God and to this congregation.  I pray that our good Lord will give them further endurance as the work goes on.  I pray also that he will move more of our fellow believers to step up and help in any way possible, so that the burden of the work is spread out on more shoulders.

A personal note, from Building Committee Chairman Mike Klebs:  

"Our work night volunteer group has been diminishing in size.  I know our Lord sure does appreciate all the workers that have been helping over the last couple of weeks to complete the sheet rocking and framing tasks.  I can't express enough my appreciation for all of their efforts and showing up each Tuesday and Wednesday night - in some cases on other days too - to get this project as far as it is.  We have some work to do yet and I pray that we see some new faces (and the old ones too) that will see this project through to the end.

We are hoping to gain some momentum in the coming weeks.  We need your help on the work evenings.  In some cases, there may be small tasks that can be done before and after the work evenings during the day.  As a congregation we joined together to open a preschool to further our ministry by going and preaching the good news as our Lord commanded.  The building committee certainly hopes that you will take a little time to help with this project.  We are all serving him together."

Here's the latest:

1. We passed our framing inspection and the next inspection is for sheetrock.  The sheetrock work is going well and we will need to complete this prior to the next inspection.  We will be working on more sheetrock next week.

2. All other construction trades are complete with their concealed work.  The fire alarm system is being commissioned and put onto the new service.

3. The sewer repair is complete.  We have to work on repaving the area we dug up.  We were hoping to get the water service line stub into the building this year, however, with recent delays, this work may be deferred until spring. 

4. Soon - probably in a couple of weeks - the fence will be installed around the new preschool play area.  The well within the area will either be decommissioned or some type of bench will be installed over it to protect the children.

5. After the sheetrock is complete, we will hire a company to tape, mud, and texture.  After that is complete we will need as many volunteers as possible for painting and finishing.  We work Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6 until 9.  Dinner is served.  We are hoping to paint the week of the 9th through the 13th of September, maybe sooner.

6. Speaking of dinner - we do still need volunteers to furnish dinner for each of the work nights.  Plan for about a dozen volunteers.  Coordinate with Mary Klebs on which night(s) you can help.  (Next week Wednesday is covered; need someone for Tuesday evening.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sheetrock Progress Report

The sheetrock work got off to a good start this week.  If anyone is willing & able to put in some time this weekend, please contact Tony F. (or Mike K. or Andy Z.) about it.

Our next scheduled workday is Tuesday of next week.  The goal would be to finish any further ceiling sheetrock and a couple existing walls that need 1/2" sheetrock.  Framing inspection will then be called in Wednesday and we will sheetrock the final new walls and new ceiling soffits after that inspection.  We are a bit behind schedule, so a party willing to move this along over the next few days would be great.

There are also a couple of doors resting in the school hallway that need to be moved into the preschool room or out to the parking lot trailer before school begins on Tuesday the 20th.  We would also like to vacuum up the sheetrock dust on the floor in the corridor and install a secondary visqueen barrier at the doorway into the new preschool room from the corridor (as you enter from the school hallway).

There won't be a Building Committee meeting this coming Tuesday.  We'll plan instead to begin the sheetrock work around 5:30 PM.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Sheetrock Work Tonight (Tuesday)

A quick heads-up for those who planned to come and help with the drywall this week -- we're waiting for some final electrical work to get done and inspected, so we can't get at the sheet-rocking this evening (Tuesday).  We hope to be able to do it tomorrow, Lord willing.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Almost Ready to Rock the Sheet Rock!

The latest, from Building Committee Chairman Mike Klebs:

•  Plumbing inspection and fire sprinkler inspection have been completed.

•  We're waiting on electrical re-inspection and duct inspection. These should pose no problems, Lord willing, so we're planning to sheet-rock the ceiling starting next Tuesday.

•  If there's enough help with the ceiling work on Tuesday and we get the framing inspection, we'll sheetrock the walls on Wednesday and be ready for tape and texture by the weekend.  (All of this assumes, of course, that there are no inspection setbacks.)

•  Excavation work is being arranged, but should start next week.

•  Bids on fencing of play area are expected soon, so that should be completed by the start of school (Aug. 20).

From Pastor O:
The good Lord has blessed this project with so many eager and able volunteers -- we give thanks to God and to them all!  I had Colleen drive me over to church on Tuesday so I could see how it's progressing, and I was thrilled to see the four boys digging around the well-head outside (good work, Noah, Bennett, Joshua and Andrew!), and just as thrilled to hear the sound of hammers, saws and nail-guns, wielded by at least a dozen men and women laborers.

It's exciting to see so many pitching in to make our preschool ministry a reality.  Above all, let's remember exactly why we're doing this -- it's to Let the Children Come -- come to learn about their Savior, Shepherd and Friend, Jesus!  It's to bring the saving truth of God's Word to more hearts and more homes.  Please keep praying for this great effort.

Finally, Mike also notes, as he extends special thanks to the many who showed up for work this week, that he is "continually amazed and thankful for the men and women who are dedicating many evenings to get the project completed." 

Amen to that!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To Celebrate Our Shared Faith in Jesus

In case you missed the announcement or need a reminder...

Sharing Faith Service -- Sunday, August 11        


Iglesia Luterana de Fe en Cristo -- that’s the Spanish-speaking arm of Faith -- cordially invites you to a bilingual “Sharing Faith Service” this coming Sunday at 12:30 PM.  


Your Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters would love to celebrate the faith that we share in two languages, yet in our one and only God and Savior.  Please join us!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Setbacks, Prayers and Work to Do

Our preschool remodel project is moving forward, thanks to the hard word and many hours put in by volunteers.  There have been some glitches, which is to be expected.

Building Committee Chairman Mike Klebs reports:

Status  The framing is scheduled for completion this week.  "Rough-in" defines work that is done before sheet-rock and finishes.  Sprinkler rough-in is complete and ready for MOA inspection.  Heating, ventilation, and exhaust duct rough work is complete and ready for inspection.  Plumbing rough-in is ongoing and should be in good shape by end of this week.  Electrical and fire alarm rough-in is ongoing.  We are hoping to have a partial rough-in electrical and fire alarm inspection for the ceiling by early next week so we can begin sheet rocking at our next scheduled work days.

Thank you & meals   I want to thank the many that have turned out for one or two workdays to help out as well as the weekly volunteers that have served since the project started.  Meals have been available, but we could use a bit more help with this (coordinate with Mary Klebs in advance).

Lots of hands needed soon  If inspections get completed as planned, we will have a sheet-rock party next week and/or the week after, and would like to mobilize as many workers as possible to work on this.  Bring your drill if you have one, if not, we'll have extra.

Setback  We had hoped to start exterior work next week, but the excavating company lined up to do the job has backed out.  The Building Committee is addressing options on how to proceed as we had planned to have this work completed prior to the start of school.  The work consists of repairing the sewer piping to the older portion of the building and also installing a section of the water line into the building and out through to the exterior and capping it for future connection at a later time.  We are hoping to avoid any further delays so if anyone has any contacts with excavation companies that might be able to help us out and get this work done before school starts, please let one of the building committee members know.  Alternatively, mobilizing a large contingent of members with shovels would work also.

Fence installation  Lastly, the fence for the play area needs to be installed.  The building committee needs some action on this, so if you are interested in helping to coordinate a contractor to do this work, please talk to someone on the building committee or Bryan Schneck.  It is important that we get this work done prior to the first day of school.

More thanks  We wish to thank the many that have volunteered their time, talents, materials, and company donations.  There are too many to list here right now, however we know who you are, and I hope to thank all of you more formally in the future.

Most of all  Please keep this project in your prayers so that we can complete it, open our preschool before October, and move on to the sprinkler upgrade project.